Forever Families Through Adoption

Annual Fundraiser at The Crawford Park Mansion

October 9th, 2014 6:30pm-9:30 pm at The Crawford Park Mansion in Rye Brook, NY

FFTA is for the Children

Forever Families Through Adoption, Inc. (FFTA) is a New York and Connecticut authorized, not-for-profit, adoption placement agency and resource center founded and staffed by social workers, attorneys, adoptees, and adoptive parents. We believe that every child eligible for permanent adoption, has the right to grow up in a loving, nurturing, secure, and forever home.

We have a fondness for and experience in finding homes for "harder – to – place" children who may otherwise end up in the state foster care system.

“An unplanned pregnancy is not an unwanted child”

Your contributions support:

  • • Finding “forever homes” for children available for adoption
  • • Adoption education, outreach and awareness in the schools, hospitals, prisons and community
  • • Developing new programs and activities, including an adoptees mentoring program

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$75.00/ea. in advance (before October 8th, 2014)

Raffle Tickets $20.00 available in advance of event or at event.


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