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Zaida & Charlie

Zaida & Charlie

Dear Birthparent,

We would like to begin by expressing our admiration for the strength it takes on your behalf to consider adoption for your baby. It is a courageous and selfless decision and we would be honored, to be considered as a family for your child. It is our hope with this letter, to provide you with a picture of what life with our family would be like for your baby. We will also tell you a little about ourselves prior to starting our family. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce our family to you.

Bart and Philippe

Bart and Philippe


Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.

We are Bart and Philippe from Belgium and we are grateful you are considering us as the fathers of your child.

Through this letter we hope to give you an idea of the life we hope to share with your child.

You must be very courageous and be a generous person for insuring the future of your child by considering adoption. No one can ever imagine what you are going through, but we can all agree, planning your child’s future, may be the most difficult decision you can make and we have the highest possible respect for your decision.

Sander and Thomas

Sander and Thomas

Dear Birth Parent,

We are so excited to introduce ourselves to you although we can’t imagine how difficult this period must be for you.

We hope by reading about us and seeing our photos you will get an impression of who we are, where we live, what we do and why we believe adopting your baby would be our dream come true.

We, as future parents, will take care of your child with all our love and support. We hope to have an open relationship with you so that you will always be a valuable part of our family and know how your child is growing and maturing.

Thank you for considering us!

Glenn and Christophe

Glenn and Christophe


We are Glenn and Christophe from Belgium and we are most grateful you want to take the time to read our profile and might consider us as the adoptive fathers for your soon to be born baby.

We want to express our deepest respect for the decision you are making for the future of your child. It must be a very courageous decision to think about adoption for your child. We understand your main concern is to make the best decision for you and your baby and we hope you think we are the right family for you.

Cindy and Steve

Caroline and Josef


We are Cindy and Steve. We live in Canada on a farm that has been in our family for over 100 years. It is located outside of a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. We dream of building our family and thank you for learning more about us.

Kim & Jason

Kim and Jason

Dear Birth Parent

We are Jason and Kim, and we are grateful for the chance to tell you about ourselves.

We are happily married and enjoy being active, spending time with family and friends, and traveling as often as we can.

We enjoy our life together and dream of becoming a family through adoption.

We hope that the following pages give you a glimpse into our lives and the love we have to offer your child!.

Jeff & Rune

Jeff and Rube

Dear Birth Parent

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and our journey to grow our family. We are a loving, spiritual, creative and kind couple who have been together for 19 years and married for 18 years. In 2016 we welcomed our first child, the amazing and delightful Gigi, into our lives. It has been a dream come true and we are happier than ever being parents. Rune is originally from Norway and Jeffrey is Native American who grew up moving all around the world. It was love at first sight when we met through friends while students in London. We have been together since the first five minutes of meeting each other. In fact we told each other that we loved each other and talked about children on the first day of meeting. We truly believe that the universe has a perfect plan for us and that plan has always included having children. Gigi is our first blessing, and we are excited for her to have a sibling and grow our family!

Brian & Kyle

Brian and Kyle

Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. As we sit here to write this letter, we know that words and pictures cannot adequitely express our desire to provide a loving and caring home for your child. We admire the courage that it has taken for you to be at this point of consideration and wish you strength and positivity as you travel through this process.

Ben & Kyle

Ben and Kyle


We are Ben, Kyle and Gloria from New York City. Thank you for taking a moment to learn about us. We know this may be a difficult time in your life, and we are inspired by the strength, courage and love that you are showing by considering an adoption plan. We are here to support you, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have for us. We would love to hear from you.

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