Forever Families Through Adoption

Some Success Stories

Cory & Keith’s Journey to Parenthood

Cory & Keith We always knew we wanted to be parents from the day we met 9 years ago. When the time came to make those dreams come true we turned to adoption. We began to research adoption on the internet which was overwhelming. As a same sex couple we knew that our options were slightly limited in comparison to traditional heterosexual couples. We quickly learned that adopting out of the country was likely not an option for us given the many laws etc… of other countries. We also learned how lucky we were to live in New York which not only allowed same sex couples to adopt but recognized our marriage from Massachusetts. We spent months looking at different agencies but did not feel a personal connection to any of them. All were reputable agencies but we just didn’t feel there was a connection. It was important to us that we work with people who truly understood what we were going through and what an emotional journey we were beginning. We wanted to know that someone would be there to hold our hand through the entire process. Eventually a friend referred us to Forever Families Through Adoption (FFTA).

We called the office and set up an orientation meeting. We had attended information sessions at other agencies and we were prepared to compete with the other hundred or so people in the room to have our questions answered. To our surprise we were to receive all the information about FFTA with only one other couple. We looked at each other when we found this out and thought “Is this for real; are we really going to have all our questions answered?” We sat with the Executive Director Joy S. Goldstein and other FFTA staff who told us all about FFTA and what we could expect if we decided to move forward. Finally we got honest realistic information, but most importantly we felt the “connection.” It was the intimacy of the meeting that really made us feel like we were not just a “client.” The meeting lasted more than 3 hours and we really felt like were fully informed about what we could possibly expect.

The Story of Ava

“Thoughts on being a Dad…

I never knew that being a dad could re-invent a man.
Things that were not so, now are. And things as they are, Are amazing.

Showering: No longer a relaxing experience, but rather an attempt To smell as sweet as your baby girl.

Shaving: No longer a habit of aesthetics, but a way to make the Face-to-face cuddling as soft and as gentle as possible.

Eating: Just a way to keep you on your feet and wide-awake.

Sleeping: An insignificant and overrated opportunity.

Smiling: A contagious response to pretty much everything the Baby girl does.

Crying: Now an uncontrolled display of emotion that you are no longer
Ashamed or embarrassed about, rather empowered by.

Diapering: A fun three-handed activity, much like installing surround sound
stereo; Really complicated but well worth the effort of doing it right.

Feeding: A one-handed job that requires a little practice and perfect timing.

Loving: The most powerful and beautiful of all forces on the face of the Earth.

Being a Dad is not what I expected. In fact it is more than I could have ever
Imagined…more than I could have hoped for.

My baby girl has taught me how to live, and really, why I am alive to begin with.
This little girl has changed me.
My heart no longer beats to keep me alive, it beats for her to live.
My thoughts are no longer clouded because she has cleared the sky.
My feelings are no longer mine to control, but rather, hers to own.

Everything in the world is wrapped up inside this beautiful little girl, and it is
slowly unraveling to reveal to me who I really am.”

Dreams Do Come True

“Dreams do come true…” If anyone told us a few years ago that we would become the adoptive parents of two beautiful children we would hardly believe it. However, there was some one we met who made us believe that it was all going to happen: Joy Goldstein.

From the first moment we spoke to each other on the phone until now we feel a deep respect for her, her husband Michael and the staff of FFTA and The Goldstein Law Firm. They are all very warm and caring people and we are so happy we have them in our lives. Thanks to their hard work we have a complete family now.

My name is Marielle and I am married to Marnix since 1997.

After many years of failed fertility treatments we decided to choose the most beautiful way of building our family: adoption. In January 2009 our dream came true because we were chosen to adopt our daughter Eva. Her biological mother chose us to be the parents of her unborn baby. From the moment we heard about this our world was completely upside down! Luckily Joy and Michael were there to help us keeping our heads together and guiding us through the entire process.

And in March there was this life changing e-mail from Joy written in pink…. We had a daughter! We were so happy and excited and we traveled to Florida to be united with her. From the first moment we saw Eva we knew that she was the girl that was destined to be ours. We wanted to protect her and take care of her and we were overwhelmed by the love we felt for this little baby girl.

Eva was a very sweet and easy baby and we were so happy to have her in our lives. When she became one year old we decided to apply for a second adoption because we liked the idea of raising Eva together with a brother or sister. And again, Joy, Michael and their staffs did anything possible to make us feel
comfortable and they all helped us to make it all as easy as it could be. And sometimes it was not so easy.

Lisa and Brendan

“After years of unsuccessful infertility treatments, we…decided to begin our family through adoption. In our struggle to conceive, we…experienced many emotions such as disbelief and sadness. However, we…continued to maintain our hopes and dreams that someday we (would) have a family.”

“ [Now,} there are no words to describe our joy, no words to describe our gratitude. Dylan was meant to be ours. I might as well have given birth to him – I couldn’t love him any more than I do.”

Thea and Bill

Thea and Bill We are Thea and Bill and we want to, first and foremost, thank you for considering us as the adoptive parents for your child. We hope this letter gives you an idea of who we are, as individuals, as a couple and as a family. Please know that we are very committed to being wonderful parents and we have much to offer your child; a life of happiness, love and opportunity.

Anne-Lies and Rosanne

Anne-Lies and Rosanne thought about pregnancy, but almost immediately reconsidered adoption. They wanted to raise a child who, by circumstance, needed a safe and loving home. Fortune, brought them Shontee…

“We promise you from the bottom of our hearts that Shontee will be loved as much as humanly possible. She will be cherished and never taken for granted. And she will always know the strength and concern you had in making an adoption plan.”

Wendy and Marcel

We are Marcel and Wendy, a young happily married couple from the Netherlands.

Since we were young we have been hoping for a family. We both love the family life where we grew up.

Our wish to become parents didn’t happen for us biologically. With open hearts, we look to adoption as our way of completing our family. In May 2006 Colin was born. We were great full to welcome him in our lives. We fell in love with him on first sight. Our friends and family did the same because Colin touches every ones heart at first sight. The feeling grows everyday more and more. He is just adorable. We are proud to be his parents.


"My adoption story begins as many do, with a relationship that seemed to be over or ending as friends. When receiving the call that told me that Shannon was pregnant, it was very hard to believe, and brought many tears and frightened phone calls. Shannon and I tried to work ways out to be together and keep our child, but fights and disagreements put a strain on an already failing relationship. I wasn’t told until later that Shannon had contacted an adoption agency, and it was quite a surprise. After much thought and discussion with our parents and friends, Shannon and I decided that this would be the best decision. I had my reasons for this decision, as did Shannon. The reasons behind this kind of decision are unique to every couple, and we are no different."


Adobe Reader "I met Joy and Michael Goldstein in early March 1996 through a woman named Ilene. In January 1996, I was waiting to decide what to do about being pregnant. I went to an adoption work shop at Borders because I had considered adoption. I had also contacted another New York located agency and was only at the paperwork level. The emotions of pregnancy wore strongly on my mind and body and I was somewhat confused. I had not been able to meet any of the prospective adoptive couples through this other agency and time was getting short. I was worried."


"Thank you for contacting me and letting me know you found them. I am in tears right now I hope and pray that they are still in New York and in Good Health and are able to contact me, I have been worried for two years that something has happened to them. If you ever need a feedback for your website please don't hesitate to ask me you have been like a guardian angel that has entered into my roughest time in my life and helped me get through what was and could have been horrible, with your blessings and your company I have had an experience that has been so great that I couldn't ask for anything more."


"Eighteen years ago I was pregnant, single and terrified about the future for my child.  I knew that I could not give him the life he deserved.  A friend recommended that I call Joy Goldstein, and I am so glad that I did.  She was the most compassionate and caring person. and put me at ease. 

That same day she gave me the necessary information and guidance to find the perfect family to adopt my son.  In the first phone call I developed an instant kinship with them, and from that day on forged a relationship that gave me confidence that my baby would have exactly the kind of life I wanted for him, with two adoring parents and lots of cousins, and stability.  Though it was still the most difficult and painful decision of my life, it is one I do not regret, and I thank Joy for making everything so much easier.  I love Joy Goldstein, and am eternally grateful for the years of support and kindness.  If you are pregnant and going through the same difficult decision that I had to make and want to talk please let Joy know and she can arrange that with me.

- Cara

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National Adoption Month

The Adoptive Parents Committee (APC's) annual adoption conference is being held virtually during national adoption month November 19-21st, 2021. This wonderful event is open for those who are considering adoption as a way to build their family, for those who have already adopted, and for professionals & advocates involved in the adoption.

You will have the opportunity to attend numerous workshops, seminars, and panel discussions. Led by professionals and experts in the adoption field - including FFTA staff, and other attorneys, social workers, physicians, adoptive parents, agency representatives, adoptees and educators - the workshops provide up-to-date information as well as a forum for discussions.